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Michael Rossi of Paragon Financial looks into the future on these most pressing issues

6 Questions you are dying to know the answers to…………

Question: How far into the playoffs will Jeremy Lin take the Knicks?

Answer: Defeated in 2nd round by Miami

Question: Will Apple reach 600 by the end of 2012?
Answer: Yes

Question: Where will Peyton Manning be playing next season?
Answer: Miami Dolphins

Question: How far will the Lakers go in the playoffs?
Answer: Defeated in 2nd round by OKC

Question: Who will trade up with the Rams to the #2 slot in the NFL draft and take RG3?
Answer: Cleveland Browns

Government Factoring & PO Funding

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Paragon Financial Group talks about how businesses can leverage factoring and/or po funding to keep their cash flow intact while fulfilling a government contract.

What is PO Financing?

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Paragon Financial Group explains how PO Financing can help importers, resellers and distributors grow their business and take on larger orders.

Why Are Small Business Owners Feeling Good?

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Small Business ManSmall business is finally feeling a little bullish about the economy.  From a year ago, there is an increase in small business owners’ perceptions about revenues, financing, hiring, credit access and cash flow, among other measures.

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International Bath Textiles Case Study

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PO Financing Factoring LineThe Company supplies fine linens (towels, sheets, etc.) to businesses all over the world. After years of success overseas from their Switzerland base, the Company wanted to expand domestically and incorporated in the U.S. They quickly landed a large contract with Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami. International law required them to finance the linen shipments through Cash Against Documents (CAD) financing, so the linens would be delivered to a port in the U.S, and not released until the manufacturer was paid.

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